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Low Maintenance Landscape Designs for Less Mowing and Hand Trimming

Eliminate hand trimming around garden statues, playsets, narrow spaces and individual trees and shrubs.

Create mowing strips around patios, raised beds and stonewalls to eliminate hand trimming. Surround the structure with a strip of pavers, edging material or mulch. You’ll be able to mow right along the mowing strip.

Connect individual trees and shrubs with mulched beds. Start by cutting the grass in the future bed area very short. Next edge the bed. Cover the area with newspaper or cardboard. The paper layer helps kill the existing grass and eventually breaks down, adding organic matter to the soil. Top this off with a layer of wood mulch.

You’ll spend less time trimming around each plant. Plus, the mulch bed protects the plants from weed whips and mowers.

And if this is too much mulch, try filling the area with perennials and groundcovers for added beauty and seasonal interest.

A bit more information: Help keep your home and landscape cooler with the help of groundcovers. Temperatures above groundcovers are often 12 to 15 degrees cooler than paved surfaces. Use groundcovers between and around paved surfaces to help reduce the impact of summer heat.