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Expand your indoor garden with the subtle beauty of turtle vine.

This vigorous plant creeps along the soil surface and the stems eventually cascade over the edge of the container.  The one-inch-long leaves are waxy and semi-succulent. The purple stems and undersides of the green leaves add to its appeal and become more pronounced in cooler temperatures.

Grow turtle vine as a hanging basket or in a container set upon a shelf or pedestal to show off its trailing habit.  It prefers bright light and moderately dry soil. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil start to dry. Don’t let the plant sit in excess water that collects in the saucer. This can lead to yellow leaves, root rot, and plant death.

Trim the plant regularly to encourage denser, more compact growth. And use the trimmings to start new plants.

A bit more information: Native to Mexico, Central and South America, turtle vine is hardy in zones 8b and warmer. It has become a weed in parts of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. It is best to grow it as a houseplant in these areas.