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Wire vine’s small round leaves growing along thin wire-like stems add charm to any indoor plant collection.

Grow creeping wire vine in the same container as some of your larger indoor plants. Allow it to creep over the soil and trail down the side of the pot. Or take advantage of the way it grows and plant it in a hanging basket. You might even try training it over a shaped wire frame to create interesting designs and topiaries.

Also known as maidenhair and angel vine, this plant prefers bright light and moderately moist soil spring through fall. Water thoroughly whenever the top inch of soil begins to dry. Move your wire vine to a cooler, draft-free location, and water less often during the winter.

Use a pruner or sharp scissors to remove wayward stems and encourage fuller growth. Use these trimmings to start new plants.

A bit more information: Most wire vines are hardy in zones 8 to 10. Several types (species) have escaped gardens and become a weed issue in some locations. Check before moving this plant into the garden. And if it is a problem plant in your area just enjoy it as a houseplant.