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Give your trees a bit of attention this spring and reap the benefits throughout the coming year.

Properly prune out dead, broken or discolored branches you can safely reach. Hire a certified arborist with the training, experience and equipment for managing large trees. You can find a list of certified arborists in your area at

Make sure your tree receives sufficient water now and throughout the year. Water thoroughly whenever the top 4 to 6 inches of soil are crumbly and just slightly moist. Apply 10 gallons of water for each inch of trunk diameter. Apply the needed water throughout the area under the tree canopy.

Pull mulch away from the trunk of the tree. Replenish mulch, if needed, to maintain a 3 to 4” layer. Expand the mulch bed as wide as you can tolerate.

A bit more information: Keeping grass and weeds away from trees, especially young ones, reduces competition and promotes tree growth.