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The colorful leaves of tropical plants like Ctenanthe can be just as decorative and varied as flowers.

Also known as Never-Never and Brazilian Snow the Ctenanthe plant is a relative of the prayer plant. It looks somewhat similar and prefers the same type of care.

Grow this plant in a warm bright location away from drafts and direct sun. It needs high humidity to thrive so set it among your other plants. As one plant loses moisture from its leaves, transpires, its neighbors will benefit.  Or set the plant on a tray or saucer filled with pebbles. Keep water in the saucer and the pot elevated on pebbles above the water.

Use lukewarm water free of fluoride and chlorine to avoid brown tips on the leaves. Water thoroughly when the top one to two inches of soil are just starting to dry. And don’t allow plants to sit in excess water.

A bit more information: Take a sip to test the temperature before watering your plants. If it is too cold for your teeth, it is too cold for these plants.