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As we enter a new year our mailboxes and email inboxes begin to fill with new garden catalogues. These colorful reminders of summer help many of us through the long often dreary winter months.

Gardeners have been ordering from seed companies for more than a century. You may recognize the name Burpee.  This mail order company was founded in 1876 and is still selling seeds and plants today.

The number of mail order companies continues to expand. You’ll find companies selling all types of plants, seeds and garden supplies.  Many provide those hard-to-find or unusual plants and products that our local nurseries and garden centers may not sell.

These print and on-line catalogues also serve as a source of inspiration as we plan our gardens for the year ahead. Be sure to order early for the greatest selection and availability.

A bit more information: The huge increase in gardening in 2020 resulted in shortages of some seeds and plants. Many gardeners were unable to find what they wanted and needed for their gardens. Order early and be prepared with a list of second and third choices. Look at it as a chance to try something new.