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Orange, red, and yellow are the colors of fall. Add some of these warm hues to your indoor décor with a collection of echeverias.

These succulents are easy to grow. Place them in bright light and plant in a well-drained cacti and succulent mix. Water thoroughly but only when the soil is dry. They prefer a bit drier soil and cooler temperatures in winter.

Echeveria’s rosette of thick leaves come in various shapes and colors. Grow individual specimens in their own container or combine several to form an attractive dish garden. They also make interesting and unique centerpieces for your holiday meals.

You’ll find green, blue-green and even burgundy leaves edged in orange, red, yellow or pink. Some leaves have a distinct and colorful tip while others display the colors throughout. Leaves can be smooth, covered with fine hairs or ruffled providing a unique texture.

A bit more information: Echeverias are also known as Mexican hens and chicks. As the plants mature, they produce smaller plants, offsets, known as chicks around the parent plant, the hen. Similar to the Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum) you may have grown in the garden.