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Include a bit of texture and color in the landscape with the help of Red Leafed Mukdenia. 

This low growing perennial has large fan shaped leaves that emerge bright green in spring. By summer, the leaf edges turn red and red streaks gradually creep in toward the center of the leaf.  These streaks turn fire red in fall.

Watch for clusters of small white star shaped flowers that hover just above the leaves in mid to late spring.

Hardy in zones 4 to 9 this cousin to coral bells prefers partial sun or dappled shade and consistently moist soil.  Avoid hot afternoon sun, especially in areas with hot humid summers.

Include Mukdenia in perennial, woodland, shade, and container gardens. It makes a great groundcover or edge in a mixed border.

Combine with other shade-loving plants like bleeding heart, coral bells, lungwort and Ligularia.

A bit more information: Red leafed Mukdenia forms a low mound 8-12” tall and 12” wide. Divide plants every few years to rejuvenate plantings.