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Whether gardening on a small city lot or larger property, you can add pollinator-friendly native plants to your landscape.

Start small by adding native plants to your existing gardens. As a plant needs replacing, or you start a new garden, look for a native plant that thrives in the growing conditions and is the right size and bloom time for your garden design.

Once you experience the beauty and benefits of native plants, take the next step and plant a garden of only native plants.

Design it like you would any flower garden. Include a variety of native plants so your garden will be filled with flowers throughout the season and seedheads in winter to attract birds and provide homes for beneficial insects.

Then consider going all out and convert a large portion or your whole yard into a natural garden that mimics nature’s spaces. Include a birdbath, fence or other signs that this is an intentional design.

A bit more information: Native plants also help keep rainwater where it falls, reducing the risk of basement flooding and overwhelming storm sewers. The plants slow the flow of water and their deep roots create pathways for rainwater to enter and travel through the soil. Plant roots and soil help remove impurities before it enters the groundwater.