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Attract butterflies and brighten the summer garden with the sunshine yellow flowers of our native stiff tickseed botanically known as Coreopsis palmata.

You may also know this plant by one of its other common names stiff or prairie coreopsis. Hardy in zones 3 to 8, this sun loving beauty prefers well-drained soil and tolerates even the most difficult dry conditions once established. 

Stiff coreopsis grows 2 to 3 feet tall with stiff upright stems. The 1 to 2” diameter yellow daisy-like flowers adorn the plant from late spring through midsummer.

It spreads by seeds and underground rhizomes making it ideal for stabilizing sunny slopes.  It’s perfect for naturalizing but may need regular division to keep it in bounds.

Avoid moist fertile locations where plants tend to sprawl and wet areas that can lead to root rot.

A bit more information: Besides being heat, humidity and drought tolerant, the deer tend to leave it be. Plus, beekeepers consider all coreopsis species a good plant for delicious honey.