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Add a bit of charm to your indoor garden with baby’s tears.

If you’ve been growing indoor plants for some time you may have used baby’s tears as groundcover in a terrarium, tabletop container or a small hanging basket.

If you’re new to indoor gardening and tend to overwater – this is a great plant to add to your collection. If you tend to underwater, try growing this humidity-loving plant in a terrarium.

Set your plant in a moderate to brightly lit location for best results. Keep the soil slightly moist, but not soggy. Consider using it as a groundcover in planters with ferns and other moisture and humidity loving plants. Group baby’s tears with other plants. As one plant transpires, loses moisture from its leaves, the nearby plants benefit from the increased humidity. Or elevate the plant on pebbles in a saucer with water.

A bit more information: Misting plants only provides about 30 minutes of added humidity. Creating a gravel tray to elevate plants above the water that collects in the saucer provides a more constant and long-lasting benefit. Plus, when you water thoroughly you do not have to pour the excess out of the saucer.