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Create year-round beauty, texture, and interest in the landscape by growing trees with unique bark.

Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia) may be the first tree that comes to mind. This fast grower has smooth gray bark that peels to expose the underbark in various shades of brown to gray.

Paperbark maple (Acer griseum) is another beauty with cinnamon colored peeling bark. Hardy in zones 5 to 7 and somewhat in 8, the spectacular fall color adds to its seasonal appeal.

The camouflage-like bark along with the evergreen needles of lacebark pine (Pinus bungeana) provide year round character in the landscape. Give this 30- to 50-feet-tall and nearly as wide tree plenty of room to grow to its mature size.

Another large landscape plant, the lacebark elm (Ulmus parviflora) has mottled gray, green, orange and brown bark. This beautiful shade tree is adaptable to pH and soil extremes and tolerant of urban conditions.

A bit more information: Then Amur chokecherry’s (Prunus maackii) shiny bark ranges in color from brownish yellow to amber or coppery brown. Hardy in zones 3 to 6, it forms a rounded profile as it matures, reaching heights of 35 to 45’.