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Add some charm to your indoor garden with easy care peperomias.

You’ll enjoy peperomias’ uniquely shaped and colored leaves. You can find heart shaped to narrow shaped leaves that are variegated, smooth or puckered. The leaves may be green, reddish or silvery gray. The leaves of watermelon peperomia resemble the pattern found on the rind of its namesake.

Grow peperomias in a brightly lit location. The plants will tolerate lower light, but the leaf color and variegation will be less intense.

Water these indoor plants thoroughly whenever the top inch of soil is dry. The thicker leafed varieties are more drought tolerant and perfect for busy gardeners.

These slow growers seldom need fertilizing or pruning. Their small size and slow growth rate make them perfect companions for dish gardens, mixed baskets and tabletop containers.

A bit more information: These plants will occasionally bloom under normal indoor growing conditions. The flower stem is thin, covered with very tiny flowers forming a cord-like spike.