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The easy-care philodendron is still a good choice for new, busy and even experienced gardeners. Find new ways to include the old and newer, often more colorful and uniquely shaped, varieties in your home.

Display smaller leafed varieties in containers on tabletops, shelves or hanging from the ceiling or wall bracket. Allow the leafy stems to spill over the pot, adding a bit of greenery wherever they wander. Or train these and larger leafed philodendrons up a trellis, stake or bark board.

Fill several containers with big leafed philodendrons and place them together to create a warm welcome for visitors or a focal point.  Let colorful varieties like Pink Princess and Red-leaf philodendron shine by placing them in front of a light-colored wall or indoor greenery.

Keep them out of the reach of pets and children that like to nibble on your plants.

A bit more information:  Combine philodendron with other easy care indoor plants. They grow well with other low light, low maintenance plants like snake plant (Sanseveria), cast iron plant, aglaeonema, ZZ plant and pothos. Just get creative and have fun.