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Protect potted plants and hanging baskets from birds, chipmunks and squirrels that often pull out, nest in or dig up these plants. 

Increase your chance of success by intervening before they get started.  But keep in mind these critters have all day to plan and implement their attack; so you need to be persistent and enlist a variety of tactics.

Securely cover new plantings with netting that lets light and water in but excludes pesky wildlife. Remove the covering once the plants are established, appears the wildlife have moved on or you can no longer stand the look.

Apply homemade or commercial repellents. And consider a scare tactic like old Cd’s flashing in the light, pinwheel or decorative whirly gigs to help keep the critters at bay.

Switch things up for better results. Continue to monitor for damage and adjust your strategy as needed.

A bit more information:  Use a combination of fencing repellents and scare tactics to protect your gardens from hungry wildlife.  Monitor the effectiveness, change tactics as needed and be persistent.