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Add some tropical foliage to your patio, deck or garden while giving your indoor plants a summer vacation outdoors. 

Wait for the danger of frost to pass and night temperatures remain at or above 50 to 55 degrees F before moving tropical outdoors. Be prepared to bring the plants inside if temperatures drop or frost is in the forecast.

Gradually introduce the plants to the sunnier conditions outside.  Place plants in a shaded location and gradually increase the amount of direct sunlight they receive each day. Or grow them in a location with filtered sunlight to minimize the stress of this transition.

Protect plants from strong winds and harsh sunlight that can dry the leaves and soil more rapidly. 

Adjust your watering regime to meet the change of growing conditions. Check soil moisture daily and water thoroughly as needed.

A bit more information: Insects can be a problem. Check the leaves and stems regularly and be prepared to lend a helping hand. Check out these summer care for houseplant tips.