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Cats make great companions and houseplant beautify our homes. But the two often clash when cats nibble on our plants and worse yet dig and use our indoor plants for a litter box. Avoid these annoying habits while protecting your cats and plants with a few simple strategies.

Avoid growing toxic plants or keep them out of your pet’s reach. The ASPCA website has an extensive list of plants that are toxic to cats and dogs. Use organic potting mixes free of chemicals and Styrofoam bits to prevent dangerous side effects when pets start digging in your containers.

Discourage digging by covering the soil surface with pebbles, large chunk mulch, pinecones or crumpled aluminum foil.  Or purchase a mat designed for this purpose. These mats have prickly protrusions that prevent cats from digging in containers.

A bit more information: Apply these same principles when dealing with cats in your outdoor garden. Natural cat repellents are also available. Read and follow all label directions for the safest and most effective control.