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Tested nationally and selected for their outstanding garden performance All-America Selections winners make excellent additions to your garden.

Here are two of the 2018 national flower winners to consider. You and the pollinators will enjoy the unique soft orange flowers of South Pacific Orange Canna.  The compact yet vigorous and uniform growth habit, make it well suited to containers as well as inground and water gardens. It’s heat and weather tolerant.

The fine black foliage and shiny red fruit of Onyx Red Ornamental Pepper are sure to make a bold statement in your garden borders and containers. Its full, yet compact size makes it an excellent edger and container plant. You and your visitors will be wowed by the color combination all season long, even in the heat and rains of summer.

A bit more information:  Most cannas are propagated from divisions of their tubers. A few like Orange Pacific can be started from seed and maintain their unique characteristics. Start seeds indoors in mid-February. Move outdoors into the garden after the danger of frost has passed.