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Melinda Myers

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As you clean out the garage, basement or shed start gathering discards that could be used for unique containers on your patio or deck. 

Gardeners often add whimsy to the garden or preserve family memories by planting their child’s wagon, lunch pail or pair of old boots. The horticulturist at the Wisconsin State Fair adds fun and beauty to the grounds with unique planters like a Ferris wheel passenger car in the Mid Way, milk cans by the Dairy barn and traffic cones at the entrance to the parking lot. Not only do the planters look beautiful, but they also fit the space, theme and look of the area.

As you create containers, select those that complement the color and other design elements of your patio, deck or garden space.

Use large containers or groups of containers in large spaces. Save small pots for nooks, crannies and other small spaces.

A bit more information: Plants should fit the container size. Use larger plants in large pots to avoid overwhelming small-scale containers. Combine plants that require the same light and moisture conditions to ensure plantings remain healthy and attractive throughout the growing season.