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Surprise your family and guests with an edible popcorn garnish.

Popcorn sprouts have been a part of European cuisine for many years, but have just recently caught on in the U.S.  Restaurants are incorporating them in many dishes and families are enjoying the sprouts as snacks, in salads or other dishes.

Simply plant organic popcorn seeds in a seed starting mix. Keep the planting mix moist.  Use scissors to harvest the sprouts when 3 to 4” tall.

Grow your seedlings in the dark if you prefer yellow sprouts with a mellower sweet-sour flavor. Take a few minutes to experience the changes in the flavor from start to finish.

Store dry sprouts in the refrigerator in an opaque container to maintain their yellow color. Like all sprouts and microgreens they only last a few days once harvested. So plant small batches as needed throughout the year.

A bit more information: Grow popcorn sprouts in a sunny window or under artificial lights if you prefer them green. The flavor is a bit more intense than those that have been blanched, grown in the dark. Harvest green sprouts when 2 – 3” tall for the sweetest flavor.