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This month we celebrate the live oak (Quercus virginiana). A historic specimen planted in 1910 in Dallas, Texas that has a 140-feet spread.

You’ll recognize this oak by its wide spreading canopy.  The low sweeping branches are often home for Spanish Moss. Live oak is long lived, salt tolerant and requires minimal maintenance. Hardy in zones 7, possibly 8 to 10, live oak is native from Virginia south to Florida and west to Oklahoma down to Texas and into Mexico.

This majestic tree grows 40 to 80 feet tall and 60 to 100 feet wide. Live oak is used as specimen and shade tree on large estates, golf courses and parks.

You’ll enjoy the tree’s beauty and visiting songbirds, quail, turkeys and squirrels that visit to dine on the acorns

A bit more information:  Live oak’s wood is strong, dense and has very good rot resistance. Historically, it was used to make ribs and hulls of wooden ships including the USS Constitution known as Old Ironsides.