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Melinda Myers

Nationally known gardening expert, TV/Radio host, author & columnist with over 30 years of horticulture experience and tons of gardening information to share!

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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gardener?  Don’t worry, you still have time and lots of choices. 

Tools are always a welcome gift.  Most gardeners are reluctant to invest in that cool new hand trowel, shovel, or rake.  And that’s what makes them a great gift.

Create a garden basket with gloves, a hat, and sunscreen.  Help your favorite gardener avoid skin cancer and protect their hands when working in the garden.

Clean up a corner of the basement or spare bedroom to create a seed starting station.  Purchase the lights and fixtures or set a table in front of a sunny window.   And if your budget is limited, scour the garage and shed or talk to gardening friends to secure items that can be cleaned and reused.

Or give your favorite gardener all they need to start a windowsill herb garden or terrarium. Purchase or recycle the containers and take cuttings, make divisions or purchase the plants you need.

A bit more information:  A trip to the basement or thrift store may provide the perfect vessel for your terrarium.  Convert an old aquarium into a tropical biodome for plants and a frog or two.  A large clear glass serving dish or salad bowl may be the lid for a unique terrarium sure to intrigue the recipient and their guests.