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Cooler air and the crackle of burning wood mean fall for many.  But don’t destroy the forest by moving firewood.  Instead use wood from local sources. 

Emerald ash borer, Asian long horn beetle, thousand cankers disease and other pests can be spread on infested firewood.  Always use wood from within the neighborhood, county and preferably within 10 miles from where it is to be burned.

Always assume brush and wood harvested from your property could be infested.  Even experts can miss the subtle signs of insects and disease.  So play it safe and keep firewood and brush in your neighborhood. 

Dispose of it in a nearby landfill or recycling facility as directed by your local municipality. Chip or shred tree and shrub prunings and use them as mulch in the landscape.  And if your community allows, burn it in a fire pit and make a few s’mores.

A bit more information:  Consult a certified arborist if you suspect disease or an insect killed your tree.  They can advise on clean up and monitor the health of your other plants to reduce future problems.  And visit for more information on tree insects, diseases, and plant material quarantines in your area.