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Nothing beats fresh-from-the -garden corn on the cob.  But this is one vegetable that takes up a lot of space for a small harvest. 

Get the most out of your harvest with proper planting and care.  And consider planting one of the newer cultivars that has sweeter and longer-lasting flavor.

Prepare the soil before planting and incorporate a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, like Milorganite, in the soil before planting.  Grow corn in blocks to improve wind pollination that’s needed for a bigger harvest.  Plant the seeds in rows an inch deep and 9 to 12 inches apart.  You can plant in short rows 12 inches apart as long as you can reach each plant and spaces between them for weeding, harvesting and care.

Water thoroughly as needed throughout the season.  Harvest ears about three weeks after the silks emerge.  If the kernel oozes a milky liquid when punctured, it’s ready to pick.

A bit more information: Consider growing one of the All-America Selection Winners like Honey ‘N Pearl, Honey Select, and How Sweet It Is.  These were selected for their long lasting extra sweet flavor.  And be sure to stagger planting and harvest dates or plant your sweet corn at least 250 feet away from other corn plantings.  If they cross pollinate, it can ruin the flavor.