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Start your New Year with a bit of luck and nutritious eating.

Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is a Mexican food tradition.  One grape is eaten with each stroke of midnight and is believed to lead to prosperity in the year ahead. Grapes are low in saturated fats and relatively high in vitamins C and K. 

In Southern U.S. black-eyed peas have long been part of the New Year’s celebration. Many people believe the swelling of the peas as they cook represents prosperity, while others think their shape resembles coins.

The same goes for greens, cabbage and other beans. They all somewhat resemble coins and symbolize wealth in the year ahead.  They certainly provide a wealth of health benefits.  Most greens are high in calcium and vitamin C, A and K.  Beans are a low fat protein and great source of fiber.

So start your own New Year’s tradition of fun and healthful eating

A bit more information:  Make note of the food traditions you enjoy and plan on growing your own for next year’s celebration.  Growing your fruits and vegetables encourages all of us to eat healthier.  And bringing some homegrown produce to the celebration makes it that much more fun.