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As the temperatures drop outdoors they may also drop indoors as we turn down the heat to conserve energy.

Fortunately most houseplants can tolerate consistently cool temperatures even in the mid 50's. In fact they often do better in cooler homes since the humidity is slightly higher.

Cacti and succulents thrive in the cooler winter temperatures and often flower in spring.

Move plants out of drafty locations and away from cold windows to avoid a chill.  Moving the plant back just a foot or two can make a big difference in the temperature. And never trap your plants between the window and curtain.  The pocket of air in this area can be too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Keep a close eye on African violets, begonias and other houseplants that like it warm.

Monitor your plants and watch for wilting, discolored leaves, or poor growth and adjust their location as needed.

A bit more information: Temperature and light intensity influence watering frequency. Cooler temperatures and less intense light means you will be watering less often.  If you keep your house warm and the plants receive bright light, you may need to water a bit more often.