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Move potbound cacti and succulents into a slightly larger container without injuring yourself.

Check before transplanting. Cacti and succulents have a small root system compared to their top growth. Moving them into a container much larger than their root system can result in root rot, decline, and even the death of your plants.

Transplant potbound plants into a slightly larger container. This can be a painful process for the gardener. Use tongs to handle the spiny cacti throughout the transplanting process. Or make your own by folding paper into a long thick strip. Wrap this around the spiny portion to make handling the cactus easier on your hands.

And remove any wayward spines that end up lodged in your hands with the help of white glue. Cover the spine-infested area on your hands with white glue and allow it to dry. Then peel away the glue and most of the spines come along with it.

A bit more information: Grow your indoor cacti and succulents in a cool sunny window for winter. A south facing window is the best. Water thoroughly, but only when the top few inches of soil are dry. This may be as seldom as once a month, depending on the cactus and temperature and humidity in your home.