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Melinda Myers

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Brighten up the indoors with a few new houseplants. They not only add beauty, but also help clean the air and improve your mood.

Include some low maintenance plants like the ZZ plant, pothos, philodendron, cast iron plant, snake plant and Chinese evergreen. These plants also tolerate low light conditions common in homes and office buildings.

Group plants to create an attractive display and create a better growing environment. Place several small pots inside a basket. Use a saucer filled with pebbles or plastic liner to protect your furniture and woodwork.

Use large potted plants as a focal point or large decorative feature in your living room.

No space? Don’t worry – go vertical. The many new wall planting systems allow you to dress up your home with greenery. Create living art with an attractive mix of plants. Just make sure it is easy to reach and maintain your plants wherever they grow.

A bit more information: Grouping plants together not only looks good, it improves the growing environment. As one plant transpires (loses moisture through its leaves) the others benefit from the increased humidity.