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Add a bit of life to your holiday table with the help of succulents. 

You and your guests will enjoy the easy-care beauty of succulents.  They make great gifts and decorations now and throughout the year.

The small scale cacti and succulents provide a multitude of opportunities for incorporating them into your holiday celebrations. Just select containers that complement, but don’t overpower their charm. 

Consider using them as party favors for guests to take home and enjoy for years to come.

But first, use them to dress up the table by making them into place cards for your guests. Simply add a name to the decorative pot.

Or display them all together in a copper plant tray, terra cotta saucer or other shallow container to use as a centerpiece throughout the evening. When the party is over, each guest can pick their own plant to take home.

A bit more information: You won’t need much space to enjoy the subtle colors and dramatic form of these drought tolerant plants. Consider filling an open terrarium or vertical garden with these desert beauties.