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Ticks, and the diseases they spread, have many thinking twice about going outdoors. Here are a few tips to consider before you go out.

Create a 3 foot or wider barrier strip between natural grassy or woodland areas, your lawn and garden.  Use woodchips, gravel or short cut grass to discourage ticks from moving in.

Discourage deer, mice and other wildlife from visiting your garden. They not only damage plants, but also bring ticks into the area.

Wear long sleeved clothing, hat, long pants tucked into your socks and boots or shoes. Use repellents if headed into areas with known tick populations.  Opt for light colored clothing to make spotting the ticks easier.

Conduct tick checks after spending time in the outdoors.  Pay close attention to exposed areas and favored hiding places like behind your knees and ears and in body creases.

A bit more information: Use a tweezers to remove ticks as soon as they are found.  Gently grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull it out and upward. Do not squeeze, crush or puncture. This can release and expose you to potentially infectious fluids