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Starting new plants from existing plantings can be fun and a great way to pass heirloom plants along to family and friends. Keep in mind the offspring may look different from their parents.

Those looking for a challenge may want to try propagating clematis from seed. Wait for the fluffy seed heads to turn brown.  Shake the dried pods over paper, saving only the swollen seeds.

Fill a plastic bag with a mixture of one half damp peat moss and half perlite. Remove the feathery part of the clematis seed and mix them into the peat moss and perlite mixture.

Place the bag in the refrigerator for at least three months. This cold treatment is needed to break dormancy and promote sprouting. Sow seeds by lightly covering them with a quality planting mix.  Move the container to a bright location and keep the soil moist. Seeds should sprout anywhere from three weeks to several months.

A bit more information:  Avoid propagating patented plants to pass along to others. Not only is it illegal, it can impact sales and ultimately limit future introductions. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of old time favorites to pass along.