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Shamrock Plant

Botanical Name
Oxalis spp.
Min Zone
Max Zone
6 to 16 inches
10 to 12 inches
Delicate 5 petal flowers; white, pink, red
Bright indirect light
Slightly moist, but not wet
Planting & Care
  • Grow your shamrock in a cool location with bright light where the daytime temperature does not exceed 75°
  • Water often enough to keep the soil slightly moist, not soggy.  Do not allow the plants to sit in the excess water that collects in the saucer.
  • Use a dilute solution every few weeks when actively growing and flowering.  Do not fertilize dormant/resting plants.
  • Don't be alarmed if you see the leaves fold up at night. This is the plant's normal response to changes in the light. As the light decreases, nyctinastic movement causes the leaves to begin to fold.
  • Plants will continue to flower for weeks. Remove faded flowers to keep the plant blooming. Eventually the leaves will begin to yellow and dry...no matter how you water. This is a normal sign that the plant is entering a rest period called dormancy. Stop watering and fertilizing as the plant begins to shut down. Remove the dried leaves and move the plant to a cool, dark location for several months.
  • Check on the dormant plant every few weeks. As soon as you see new growth appear, move it to a sunny window and begin watering. Start fertilizing once the plant is actively growing.
  • Shamrocks perform best when slightly potbound. Divide overgrown plants when they are at the end of their rest period. Lift and separate the bulbs and replant in containers filled with fresh potting mix. Plant the bulbs just below the soil surface, keeping it moist until growth begins.
Aphids, whiteflies
  • Oxalis regnellii 'Francis' - foliage of 3 leaflets of vivid purple foliage, pink flowers
  • O. acetosella - foliage of 3 bright green leaflets, white flowers
  • O. acetosella var. rosea - bright green leaves, pink flowers
  • O. deppei, Iron Cross or Lucky Clover - foliage of 4 green leaflets streaked in white, pink flowers
  • O. purpurea, Cape oxalis - foliage of 3 dark green leaflets, white or pink flowers
  • O. regnelli - 3 leaflets of dark purple or burgundy on the undersides, white or red flowers, 8 inches
  • O. regnelli 'Atropurpurea' - tri-lobed leaflets, black-purple sporting a V-shaped blotch of lighter purple

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