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Botanical Name
Allium sativum var. sativum and ophiosco
1 to 2 feet
6 to 12 inches
Full sun
Moist, well-drained, fertile
Planting & Care
  • For best bulb development and yield, plant in fall in cool soils below 65°F
  • Plant after the first frost to early November
  • Break up the bulbs to separate the individual cloves. Make sure to keep the husk on each clove.
  • Set cloves with the tips up, 2 inches deep and spaced 4 to 6 inches apart in rows 15 to 24 inches apart
  • Larger elephant varieties should be planted 3 inches deep and spaced 8 to 12 inches apart
  • Mulch to prevent frost heaving, remove flower stalks as they appear
Rot with poor drainage
  • Purple Stripe
  • Silverwhite
  • Susanville

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