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New Guinea Impatiens

Botanical Name
Impatiens 'New Guinea'
Tender annual
14 inches
12 inches
Summer till frost: rose-red, scarlet-red, salmon, tangerine, lavender, white, other
Partial shade (best)
Moist, especially in full sun
Planting & Care
  • Space plants 8 inches apart, mulch in sun
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy
  • Can be overwintered indoors. Take 3 to 4" cuttings and root in moist vermiculite or a well-drained potting mix. I find setting the pot in a plastic bag left open increases the humidity to encourage rooting without leading to rot. Once rooted, they can be moved to their permanent container, placed in a sunny location and grow as a houseplant.
  • You can also bring the whole plant indoors and raise it like a houseplant. Grow in a bright, sunny window or under artificial lights and keep the soil moist. Don't be alarmed if the plant drops most of its leaves. It will soon send out new leaves more suited for its indoor location.
Slugs, spider mites (especially indoors), necrotic spot virus, sunburn in direct sun
  • Spectra - from seed - large leaves, lots of flowers
  • Tango - from seed - bronze leaves, orange flowers
  • Impatiens x hybrida 'SunPatiens' series - cross between New Guinea and wild impatiens for truly sun tolerant, compact plants (18 to 24"). Thrive in full sun and heat

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