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Cardinal Flower

Botanical Name
Lobelia cardinalis
Zones 3 to 9
3 to 4 feet
2 feet
Early to late summer: red, pink, white, salmon, cream
Full sun to part shade
Moist, well-drained, rich
Planting & Care
  • Cardinal flower prefers part shade, but tolerates full sun where grown in cool summers
  • This plant needs consistent moisture, apply a layer of organic matter as a mulch to retain soil moisture
  • Self-sows readily, but because it is a somewhat short-lived perennial, this is an asset
  • In spring or fall divide basal rosettes that form around the base of the parent plant
  • Pinch back plants for sturdier stems and bushier growth
  • Cut plants back in spring
None serious
  • Alba - white flowers
  • Rosea - pink flowers
  • Angel Song - salmon and cream flowers
  • Arabella's Vision - bright red flowers

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