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Space Saving Vegetable Garden Techniques

Don't panic if your garden plans are bigger than the available planting space. I have a few space saving garden techniques that will help.

Try interplanting short season crops like radishes, beets and lettuce between long season crops like cabbage, peppers or tomatoes. The short season plants will be ready to harvest before the long season plant needs the space. 

Grow plants in wide rows or blocks. Give plants just enough room to reach their mature size. Include paths that allow easy access to all plants.

Grow several crops in one row. Replant rows after each harvest. Check the plant tag or seed packet and select vegetables that have time to reach maturity and can be harvested before the end of the growing season.

And go vertical. Grow pole beans, squash and melons on supports, saving space and reducing the risk of disease.

A bit more information: Provide added support for the large fruit on melons and squash when growing vertically. Use cotton cloth, macrame or other items to create a sling. Tie the sling to the trellis to provide needed support for the heavy fruit.

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