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Four Season Beauties, Small Ornamental Trees for the Landscape

Add year-round interest to any size landscape with the help of small scale ornamental trees.

Rebuds are one of my favorites. The pink flowers in spring are followed by green heart-shaped leaves, and yellow fall color. As this tree ages the bark beautifies and branches spread into an interesting form providing year round beauty.

The tri-color beech is a medium size tree, but relatively slow-growing. The multi-colored leaves turn bronze in the fall and the smooth gray bark has year round appeal.

The Japanese maple's form and foliage make it a great focal point or accent plant in the landscape. Grow these beauties in an east facing location or dappled shade and moist well-drained soils for best results.

And don't dismiss the ever-popular crabapple. These versatile trees come in a variety of forms and sizes. Avoid the mess and heartache by growing disease resistant varieties with persistent fruit.

A bit more information: Another four season favorite is the Amelanchier commonly known as Juneberry or Serviceberry. The white flowers are followed by blueberry-like fruit. The tasty fruit are excellent in muffins, pies or right off the tree. I like to eat them as I weed and work in my garden. But you must be quick as the birds love the fruit as well. And fortunately they eat the berries without leaving a mess behind. In fall the leaves turn yellow, orange or brick red. And the smooth gray bark provides interest all winter long.


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