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Worm Composting

Convert kitchen scraps into a nutritious soil additive with worm composting.

Fill a container with moistened shredded paper. Add a handful of soil or compost. Next add some kitchen scraps and your red worms. Continue adding kitchen scraps throughout the bin. Harvest the finished compost by placing fresh paper and kitchen scraps on one side of the bin, so the worms migrate out of the compost and into the fresh paper. It takes one to four weeks. 

Increase composting space and make harvesting the worm castings easy with a Worm Farm Composter pretty enough to keep in the kitchen or mudroom. Once the first layer is full, start adding fresh kitchen scraps to the second layer. After the worms finish decomposing the materials in the lower bin they will crawl up through the screen and start working on the second bin.

A bit more information: Use worm castings to fertilize indoor and outdoor container gardens, seedlings and your garden. Sprinkle the castings over the soil surface or work them into the top inch of soil and water. You can also add them to the planting hole when moving transplants into the garden.


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