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Trench Composting

Convert kitchen scraps into compost right in the garden with trench composting.

Just like other composting methods, use only plant-based materials since meat, dairy and fat can attract animals.  And this is no place for perennial weeds, annual weeds gone to seed or invasive plants that can survive and take over the garden.

Simply dig a 12-inch deep hole between the rows of vegetables, in the pathway or in any vacant spot in the garden. Add compostables, mix with soil and cover with at least 8 inches of soil to prevent animals from digging.

Increase the benefits by trenching your way down the path, adding compostables and covering with soil throughout the season. Next year make the path your garden bed and the garden bed your path for trench composting. You will have amended the soil and rotated plantings with this technique.

A bit more information: Those with limited space looking for another composting option may want to consider a tumbler. The dual bin tumbler compost systems allow you to actively compost in one bin while stock piling the raw materials in the other. These types of composters meet many municipalities’ guidelines.


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