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Five Ways to Attract Bees and Other Pollinators to Your Garden

Give nature and your garden a helping hand this season by creating a pollinator-friendly landscape.

Honeybees, native bees, beetles, flies and hummingbirds are just a few of the pollinators we depend upon for much of our food, medicine and next years plants for the garden.

Grow a variety of plants with various shapes, colors and bloom times. Youll enjoy the season-long floral display and so will the pollinators.

Use native plants suited to the growing conditions whenever possible. Youll attract more pollinators and provide food for many of their offspring.

Allow perennials to stand for winter. They provide food for birds and winter homes for many of our beneficial insects.

Leave bare spots for ground bees and a layer of fallen leaves that also provide shelter for many pollinators.

And skip the pesticides that can harm the pollinators you are trying to attract.

A bit more information: Plant flowers in clusters whenever possible. Groupings of several pollinator favorites are more attractive than single plants. Plus, pollinators will exert less energy traveling from plant to plant as they collect nectar. But if space is limited, you can still bring them in with a container planting or small space garden. Then take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge by registering your garden to support pollinators.


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