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Mow Your Way to a Healthy Lawn

Mowing, you either view it as a chore or stress relief. Either way, make the most of this lawn care task with proper mowing techniques.

Keep the grass tall. Setting the mower high means longer grass blades that produce more energy and deeper roots that are more drought tolerant, pest resistant and better able to compete with the weeds.

Mow often removing no more than 1/3 the total height of the grass. Frequent mowing is less stressful on the lawn. Plus, the short clippings will breakdown quickly adding moisture, nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

For a better looking healthier lawn use sharp blades eliminating those ragged edges that look bad and are bad for your lawns health.

A bit more information: Invest in two sets of mower blades. Keep the spare set sharp and ready to use. Replace the working set when dull, at least once a year, and sharpen immediately. This way you have a sharp set of blades ready to use when you need them and have the time to make the switch.


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