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Embracing Moss as a Groundcover

Tired of fighting moss in your lawn and garden? It may be time to embrace it and grow a moss garden.

The easiest way to get started is to allow existing moss to spread and cover a larger area. Simply keep it free from debris and keep other plants out of its way.

Or you could speed up the process by digging, dividing and moving moss in from other areas of the landscape with similar growing conditions. Simply press the moss pieces into the soil in their new location. Water thoroughly to remove air pockets.

One more way to propagate your moss is the blender method. Blend your moss with water or beer, and a thickener like yogurt, clay or black soil or water retaining crystals. Pour onto the soil where you want it to grow.

You may also want to try a small scale moss garden in a container. Fill with soil, press the moss in place and add a few stones for interest.

A bit more information: There are about 12,000 varieties of moss in North America. Most of them prefer moist acidic soils and shade. These minimal care plants will not, however, tolerate a covering of leaves and debris. Save time and energy with this quick and easy fall leaf cleanup trick. Cover the moss with bird netting as the leaves begin to fall. Carefully remove the leaf covered netting and recycle the leaves in your landscape. Repeat as needed throughout the fall. This technique also works well for water gardens and groundcovers.


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