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Bring the Garden to the Party

Create great memories for you and your guests by bringing the garden to your next party. 

Grow pots of herbs near the grill to make seasoning your favorite dishes convenient. And don’t forget the aloe. Nature’s burn ointment may come in handy if the cook gets distracted.

Avoid gluten and calories by using climbing spinach leaves as wraps for your sandwiches. The leaves of this heat tolerant vine have a buttery nutty spinach flavor. Eat them fresh, steamed or in stir fries.

Dress up beverages with fresh herbs like mint in lemonade. Add a bit of color with pansy flowers frozen into ice cubes.

Let guests season their own meals with small containers of herbs and garden snips set on the table.  

Insure pleasant memories by including Epazote, nature’s de-gasser, in your bean, crucifer or corn dishes. Start with a sprig of this strongly favored herb and adjust for desired taste.

A bit more information: Wow your guests with heart- and star-shaped vegetables. Secure vegetable molds over developing fruit. Harvest when mature, slice and serve the uniquely shaped vegetables on a relish tray, in a salad or as a garnish. 


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