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A Walk Through the Garden, Attractive and Functional Pathways

Add a path and a bit of intrigue to your landscape.

Pathways can help immerse you in the garden. Brushing up against the surrounding plants can release fragrance, slow your pace and connect you to nature.

A walkway not only directs visitors from the front to back yard but can also allow access to all parts of a large garden. Weeding, deadheading and maintenance are easier for you and safer for the plants.

A curved path through the side yard garden makes for a much more interesting walk. The curved bed slows you down allowing you to take in the beauty of each individual plant.

Select a surface that compliments your landscape and is easy to traverse and maintain. Mulch, grass or step-able groundcovers work well in both formal and informal landscapes. Steppers, pavers and stamped concrete can add a bit more formal look.

A bit more information: Creeping thyme has long been used around stepping stones or to fill in cracks in walks and patios. The heat and drought tolerant plant performs best in sunny locations. Its lovely fragrance is released as your feet brush over the top of the plants. What a nice way to welcome guests or provide a bit of aromatherapy in your landscape.


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