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Grow a Container of Herbs for Grilling

Make grilling fun and convenient by growing a container full of your favorite herbs right next to the grill.

Select a large container with drainage holes. Fill with a quality potting mix and start planting.

You’ll enjoy the fragrant foliage and flavor of Barbeque Rosemary. Use the strong stems of this variety as flavorful skewers. Something your guests are sure to remember.

Include dill for the fish lovers in the group. The fine foliage blends nicely with other herbs.

Don’t forget the chives. Both the leaves and flowers are edible and great on potatoes and much more. 

Add some color and flavor to your container and grilled vegetables with purple leaf basil

Plant some oregano, marjoram or thyme and allow these trailing herbs to cascade over the edge of the container.

Bringing the garden to the grill and the table makes this a memorable experience for all.

A bit more information: Create a flavorful basting brush with your fresh herbs. Harvest and bundle a few stems of thyme, Rosemary, sage or marjoram together with kitchen twine. Some cooks attach the bundle to a wooden spoon for added strength. Just dip in melted butter and brush over the beef, poultry, fish or vegetables you are grilling or sautéing.


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