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Rosemary a Christmas Tradition

You will find rosemary topiaries and wreaths in garden centers and florists. The pine scent and attractive foliage make it a wonderful holiday plant to give, receive and to grow.

Rosemary was as popular a Christmas plant as mistletoe and holly until the 20th Century. It’s not clear why this plant fell out of favor. Whatever the reason it has not stopped rosemary from making a big comeback for the holidays.

Rosemary represents love and remembrance, a great sentiment to share during the holidays. Give the plant a pet and you are sure to lift your spirits. Or pluck a sprig to add welcome flavor to your winter meals and beverages. Then move it outdoors in the garden when danger of frost has passed.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a Mediterranean native and hardy to zone 8. The cultivar ‘Alcalde Cold Hardy’ is rated hardy to zone 6.

A bit more information: Growing Rosemary Indoors can be challenging. Don’t let past failures stop you from trying. Just keep trying until you find the location and maintenance routine that keeps your Rosemary thriving under your care.


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