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Purple, Green and White Asparagus

Purple white or green; all colors of springtime favorite asparagus.

Purple asparagus is genetically different than green asparagus and originated in Italy.  The purple pigment in this and other fruits and vegetables like blueberries, red cabbage and grapes helps fight cancer and heart disease as well as improve brain health, and help reduce inflammation.

Purple Passion and Sweet Purple varieties are more tender and sweeter than green asparagus and can be eaten raw or cooked. The purple spears do turn green when cooked.

White asparagus is just green asparagus that has been kept in the dark. Cover the spears with a ridge of soil, thick straw mulch or cardboard as soon as the tip reaches the soil surface. The flavor is tender and creamier, but the outer portion of the stem can be tough. Just lightly peel before preparing for best results.

A bit more information: The asparagus plant is rather unique – composed of the stems, called ferns, the fleshy crown and roots. We eat the spear which is an immature fern. The ferny growth is not a collection of leaves, but rather modified stems that are able to capture light, carry on photosynthesis and manufacture food.


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