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Nutritious and Delicious Peppers

They’re not just pretty and delicious, peppers can help strengthen your bones, fight cancer and reduce inflammation.

Leave peppers on the plant as long as possible.  As the color goes from green to yellow to orange and red the nutrient value and antioxidant levels increase. Plus, the flavor is a bit sweeter.

The capsican is the substance that puts the heat and spicy flavor in chile and other hot peppers. It helps fight inflammation, soothes sore muscles and boosts your metabolism. It is used in medicines for a variety of reasons including stomach issues, heart problems and sinus infections.

You’ll get the greatest health benefits by eating them raw since cooking tends to reduce some of the nutrient value.

And be sure to wear gloves and don’t touch your eyes when preparing hot peppers. Always wash gloves and hands thoroughly when you’re finished as the volatile oils can cause burns.

A bit more information: The sautéing of peppers has minimal impact on their nutritional value. Try combining with zucchini and onions for a tasty and nutritious side dish.


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