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Homegrown Garnishes for Holiday Meals

Make your holiday meals just a bit more special, decorative, fun, and nutritional with homegrown garnishes.

Parsley is a traditional garnish that is often left behind on the plate.  But the dark green leaves should not be ignored.  This garnish is high in Vitamin C and A, has cancer and inflammatory disease fighting qualities, and promotes heart health. Though the curly varieties add texture you and your guests may find the milder flavor of the flat leafed variety more palatable.  All this and it helps freshen your breath. 

A sprig of mint looks good next to or on top of most desserts.  Its cool flavor will help settle your stomach, very valuable during the holidays when we all tend to overindulge.  Like parsley it’s high in Vitamin C and A, and helps in the fight against cancer and inflammatory diseases.  In addition, it relieves breathing problems. 

And the best part; both are easy to grow right in your kitchen window.

A bit more information: Grow these and other herbs in a warm sunny window.  Plant them in containers with drainage holes filled with a well-drained potting mix.  Water thoroughly whenever the soil begins to dry.  Click here to watch my Windowsill Herb Garden video.


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