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Grow Your Own Indoor Salad Garden

Grow your own salad indoors for fun and flavor.

Find a container with drainage holes that will fit near a sunny window or under artificial lights.  Fill it with a well-drained potting mix.

Sprinkle seeds of your favorite leafy greens over the soil surface. Lightly cover the seeds and moisten the soil.

Once the seeds begin to sprout make sure your salad garden receives plenty of light. Move it to a sunny window or under artificial lights. Keep the artificial lights about 6 inches above the top of the plants.

Your salad garden will thrive in cool brightly lit locations. Check your potting mix to see if it contains a long lasting fertilizer. If not, fertilize with a dilute solution of any indoor plant fertilizer every few weeks or when plants need a nutrient boost.

Once the plants reach full size begin harvesting the outer leaves. Use these for sandwiches, garnish or salads.

A bit more information: Grow a few sprouts or microgreens to add some zest to your fresh salad. You need very little space and only a few days to see results.  Listen to my audio tip, Grow Your Own Healthy Holiday Snack: Microgreens, for more information.


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